September 2016

Character Override With Syn #ParanormalRomance #Reading

Helloooo, my lovelies! Happy First day of Fall. Today, I’m going to interview Syn, the hero of my WIP. Quick Stats Hair: Brown, Thick short, Eyes: Gray Height: 6’5” Build: Tone muscles, Warrior’s physique, Occupation: VP and Owner of Several casinos and clubs around the World. ☆ Note: Contains adult content and ...


Stop Holding Yourself Back #MondayMotivation #Writers

Hello Lovelies, I’m back from a bit of a self-imposed hiatus. I’ve been having trouble finishing things and needed a bit of a pick me up Stop Procrastinating!  Many of us have big dreams and long term goals that we keep putting ...


Sasha Knight’s August Recap #Goals #Writers

An August Recap of what I’ve completed (or not). August really wore me out with work hours, back to school for the kiddo (which also meant back to extra activities and events) I felt like I didn’t even have time to breath.   Pleasure Reading I ...


9 Of Sasha’s September Goals #Writers #Goals

9 September Goals It’s my birthday month! Writing and Pleasure Reading ★ Writing Reads: One. ★ ★ Pleasure Reads: 3 Books I’m planning on reading this month. ★ Novel Writing Goals: Write: ★ Weekly Quota 10,500 weekly (1500 daily) ★ ★ Put “Short PNR” up for Pre-Order ★ Novel Editing/Revising Goals ★ Get Beta Readers for “Paranormal Romance Story” ★ ★ ...