5 Guidelines to Fiction Writing I live By Right Now

1. Read Your Writing Aloud. After you’re done writing, read it out loud. You’ll be able to truly see if what your writing is believable. You’ll also be able to tell if what your writing is working together.

2. Write what matters to you. I’m sorry boys and girls but if you don’t care about what your writing please don’t expect your readers to care either.

3. Don’t Stop Writing. Duh! I know this. Good. Don’t stop to rephrase, don’t go back to read it over until your done writing, and most important don’t stop to edit.

4. Write Afraid. Allow yourself to write your secrets even if your hands began to shake.      Don’t be afraid to go or look into those dark, lonely, creepy, or just plain scary places.

5. Go Mining for gold. Always remember that practice does make perfect. Not every writing session will bring up gold but you still have to show up and keeping writing no matter what.

 ❤ As always, thanks for reading! 

What are some of the writing tips you follow right now?

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  1. That’s an insight and it really is true. There are times we are stranded on the spot where criticisms fright us but I realized, writing is a form of art, goal is to express feelings rather than to impress. Nowadays, there are a lot of medium where to display our writing skills but first thing’s first, start with an idea then everything will flow. Before writing developed into a skill, it is planted deep down as a talent. Innate and natural. We just have to find our niche, for us to have a distinct spot in the publishing world.

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