Scheduling Your Writing Time

Benefits Of Scheduling Your Writing Time.

      As a writer I always wondered whether I should schedule in my time or just fit writing in whenever I can. I guess that in order to be efficient, I need to schedule my time in days, weeks, and sometimes even months in advance. (Yeah Right!) I’m playing around with finding a good balance right now.

      When setting goal you should always set a deadline that you should achieve them. Even you you don’t hit the mark you at least have a time you can re-group.

      Plus, as in anything you do, if you want to be take seriously as a writer, you have to put in the work

      When you know where your time goes in a day you’re better able to pace yourself. Being able to meet deadlines on time is extremely important to publishers and well, lets face it everyone else who wants to read what your putting out. If your tracking your time you can be able to tell everyone exactly when they can expect you work as well as having confidence knowing your able to meet those deadlines.

      People usually don’t just have writing going on in there life (I know I don’t) but knowing how to balance you’re schedule will keep everyone including yourself happy. Tracking your time and tasks help to not only stay motivated but also helps stay inconstant motion.

      By tracking your time you able to:

  • Keep track of your time to see where it all goes.
  • Meet deadlines so that your able to be taken seriously.
  • See where you spend your time and adapt to achieve goals quicker more efficiently.

      There are plenty of ways to keep track of not just your professional but your personal life as well. Calendars, PDA, phones, iPod, iPads the services are endless most of these forms allows you to track your time down to the last minute so take advantage.

Define your goals, break them down and schedule them in. Otherwise you find yourself overwhelmed. And with every issue a person can have going on, not having time isn’t one you want to have.

 ❤ As always, thanks for reading! 

How do you keep yourself on track?

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