July Flash Fiction By Sasha Knight

#AmWriting Short Romance Fiction Everyday in July

Free Short Romance Fiction | Starting July 1st Don’t Miss it! Hello Everyone, hope all is well. I’ve been trying to think of new way to get my self back in the groove of things after talking a break from writing (online ...


10 Fictional Character Worthy Actors

10 Fictional Character Worthy Actors (Writer’s Post & Readers Post) Hello my lovelies, Some Wednesday Eye candy! When I’m not reading or writing I’m watching TV (Mostly Asian Dramas). It’s truly where I get my inspiration from. Here are 5 actors I love seeing on ...


Romantic Love Songs

5 Romantic Love Songs on YouTube  (Entertainment Post!) Hey Lovelies, Happy Valentine’s Day! So whether your single… Or in a relationship… Don’t forget to… Here are 5 Romantic songs to get your Valentine’s started. Whitney Houston VEVO MBC Kpop Totally Biased! They could sing anything and I’d love them! Brian Puspos Lutfibetana ...


Move Ya Body, 5 Dance YouTube Channels #MondayMotivation

5 Awesome Dance YouTube Channels Happy Galentines Day! (Entertainment Post!) Hey Lovelies, Yes, it’s Monday. So although you may feel like this… Remember it’s Galentines Day and grab yourself a smoothie and get moving. It’s time to work! Here are five YouTube channels that will-at least-get you ...


11 Character Worthy Guys On Instagram

Character Worthy Guys on Instagram, In no particular order. I love to use Instagram when I’m looking for inspiration for a hero, heroine, or a character. So, I’m creating a list of sexy (in my opinion) guys I’ve used as inspiration. I am not affiliated ...


Character Override With Syn #ParanormalRomance #Reading

Helloooo, my lovelies! Happy First day of Fall. Today, I’m going to interview Syn, the hero of my WIP. Quick Stats Hair: Brown, Thick short, Eyes: Gray Height: 6’5” Build: Tone muscles, Warrior’s physique, Occupation: VP and Owner of Several casinos and clubs around the World. ☆ Note: Contains adult content and ...


Sexy Read: The Fang Chronicles by @NiaKenzie #Romance

I picked up a few reads that I’m going to talk about soon. For now here is a quick read for your pleasure! The Fang Chronicles (Volumes 1-8) by Nia Kenzie Publication Date: August 26, 2016 Genres: Short Story, Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Amazon After years of searching, vampire Prince ...


30 Things That Make Me Happy

Oh The lovely Things That Make Me Happy These past few weeks I’ve been trying to surround myself with people, places and things that make me happy. I wrote a list of the top stuff that bring me back to my happy ...


Weekly Romance Reads #AmReading #TBR

Welcome, Lovers of Books To My Weekly Romance Reads! Warning: Explicit opinions and scorching info ahead. You’ve been warned! Reading is my way to exhale. Spent my down time going through the books on my tablet. I devour books, mostly in the romance genre. Read: “Sweet Ruin” ...


Yearning By Romance Writer Sasha Knight

Yearning, A Short Bad Boy Romance Flash Fiction

Yearning, A Short Bad Boy Romance Flash Fiction Genre: Contemporary Romance, Bad Boy Romance Synopsis:  yearn·ing Pronounce: ˈyərniNG (noun) 1. a feeling of intense longing for something. ☆ Note: Story will contain adult language and content. You’ve been warned! ☆ And now for the main course. ⇩ ⇩ ⇩ ❤ Yearning, A Short Contemporary ...