Dreams and Goals #Motivation

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Dream, Read, Write

This is Pretty much my motto this week. I’ve been preparing for back to school (Today’s the first day!) While most were dreading Monday I was looking forward to it. (I work towards the end of the week and weekends so ...



Hey my wonderful lovely peoples! So yeah…this is a big sorry to everyone who subscribes to my blog for the odd posts that came though your emails. I was tinkering behind the scenes on my WordPress blog and… I accidentally posted the ...


Get To Know Me Uncomfortably Well

11 questions about what’s in my disturbed mind and about my crazy personality. Warning: Explicit opinions and scorching info ahead. You’ve been warned! I ran across this list online (I’ll link to it at the bottom of the post) and thought it would ...


Weekly Reads #TBRList

Welcome Lovers of Books, To My Weekly Reads! A list of two books I’ll be reading this week or what I’m looking forward to reading. Warning: Explicit opinions and scorching info ahead. You’ve been warned! Waiting to read: “On The Prowl” By Cynthia Eden  Out: 9/13/2016 I’ve already pre-ordered ...


Hello, Monday #MondayMotivation

Hello, Monday! So uh…Yeah, finding time to write and post is a lot harder than I thought it would be. So today I’m trying to give myself some Monday Motivation. I used all of Sunday—okay, some of Sunday—to plan rough drafts ...


“A rumble…” #Poetry #SaySomething

Poetry:   ❤️ “A Rumble…” ❤️   There’s a rumble in the air…Can you hear it? It’s loud, vibrating the walls of a foundation demanding to be rebuilt. There’s a rumble in the air…Can you see it? Beautiful, bright, flashes of lightening painting vivid hues in the sky. There’s ...


Blog Graphics And Fonts #Blogging #Writers

Behind The Scenes Blog Resource Post. I’ve gotten a lot of emails with questions and compliments about my blog images and I wanted to answer a of those today. First, I’d like everyone to know that I use softwares like: Photoshop, InDesign, ...