Fictional Character Sketch Sheet, The Basics.

Here’s a list of things you might want to know about all major characters of your book.


Name:______ Nicknames:______ Age:______Place of Birth_____ Birthdate______ Eyecolor:______Hair Color:_______ The style of their hair:_______ Height:_______ Weight:_____


Father:_______ Deceased:___ Living:___  Mother:_______ Deceased:___ Living:___


Ethnicity:______ Religion:_____ Current Address:______ Own:__ Rent:___     Describe home:_____________ Any Roomates:____ Marital Status:_________ Spouse Name:______ Spouse Nickname:______ Spouse Career:______ Any Children (how many and age):__________

What are some of their childhood conflicts (a lot, none)?:________

What is your character afraid of?:___________________

What do they long for (love, money, fame, respect)?:_____________

Deeper Physical Appearances: 

Clothing- Style (expensive or not):______ Grooming- Average, sloppy, dirty, perfect,:________ Speech- Accent, fast pace, average, slow talking:_________ Accent- Sound, deep, high, authoritative, musical, shrilly,:____________ Phrases or words:______ Vulgar or Cuss words if any:______

Behaviors: Calm, Volatile(does the mood change often), rigid, average, relaxed,:___________ Any gestures (when upset, all the time, not at all,:______ Habits: smoker:_____ Drinker:____ Drugs:_____ Financial- average( debt, savings):______ Deep debt:_____ Steals:_______ Rich:______

What does your character do in a normal day?:____________

Are they social? Do they have friends?:_________________

What are your charters leisure activities?:_______________

What do they like to eat, read, watch on tv,?:______

Hope you like this list. It’s question I put together from different suspect sheet, job applications, social sites, and so forth.

This is just the icing on the cake compared to the many questions you could ask yourself about your characters they main point about this application is to really get to know your characters. Remember that all of these don’t have to apply to all of you characters. Some characters you only need to know their name and they just make one appearance and we never see them again. But others you’ll want to get a deeper look.

Thanks for reading,

Sasha Knight


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