Creating Fictional Characters

Tips and Questions to ask yourself.

When creating your fictional characters you have to ask yourself several questions: Who are your characters? What do they want and why they want it? What are their likes and fears? As well as what do they look like?

You want to be able to create characters that readers just can’t help but love or hate. You want your readers to remember your characters even after they have finished reading. Not only do your readers have to click with you characters but so do you. You as the writer have to believe in you characters in order for them to be believable.

For most writers, characters seem to take over and guide them where they want to go with their story, but for others (like myself) it takes a little more researching our characters. Learn to ask yourself questions about you characters appearance, goals, personality, and so on:

Does your character like or dislike the way that they look?

Do they look like there mother or father?

How do they feel about that?

Do they have a high self-esteem or low?

A great way to find out about your character personality is to take the Jung Typology Test™ (the equivalent of the Myers-Briggs test). With this test you’ll be able to learn more about you character. Find it here.

What career does you character have?

Are they happy?

If they are happy, what are they doing to further themselves?

If not, what would they prefer to be doing?

What goals do the have?

Are they wishing for a vacation? Or for a promotion at work?

Are they in space searching for new worlds?

Do they want to solve a murder?

Ask yourself what purpose does you character have in life?

Is your character the villain?

Do they want to take lives?

Gain money? What makes them tick?

All of this will have a part in you plot so make sure what your character wants are worth it. Always try to relate your character to real life but because your book will have to end at some point try to make the goals concrete and obtainable.

I could go on forever about what question that you could go through or think about but the bottom line is, whether your character is the hero/Heroine or the villain, you should always put in the effort to make them captivating.

Look at the characters in your favorite books, whether you liked them or hated them, you still remembered them. They played an important part of the book. All of your characters, major or small part, should always move your plot along and should have a purpose.

 ❤ As always, thanks for reading! 

☕ How do you create your fictional characters?

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