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And now for the main course.

❤ The Getaway ❤

He cursed as he took another curve in the road at a slow speed, hoping the snow fall didn’t get any heavier. He hated the snow. Hated the cold.

His wife had planned this cabin getaway months ago, wanting the mountain’s snowy scenery. Although he would have taking a sunny vacation, she seemed so excited about it. He couldn’t deny her anything even after 10 years of marriage. Because of his schedule they couldn’t leave together so she left a few hrs ahead of him.

The loud ringing on his SUV’s speaker interrupted his concentration.

“Hey baby,” he answered on the second ring.

“How far are you?” her sultry voice echoed the interior of the vehicle. It was always soothing to his ears.

He chuckled at her before he said, “Impatient much?”

“A little.” She laughed along with him. “So, how long?”

“The navigation says I’ll be there in about 10 minutes.”

“I have a surprise for you,” her voice lowered as if she only wanted him to hear.

“Hmmm, baby you know I love your surprises but I’m trying to drive here.”

“Aww, always so serious. Drive safe. See ya soon.” He could tell she was pouting.

“Soon, love.”

She hung up and in another five minutes he pulled up in front of the massive two story cabin. He was barely out of the car when the front door opened and the love of his life walked out wearing a dark long trench coat. He stomped through the snow to get to her.

He leaned in kissed her lips, moaning at warm she was. “Miss me?”

“How much? he asked when she only nodded her head.

She stepped back and undid the belt around her and pulled open her coat. “This much.”

His knees nearly buckled at the sight in front of him. Dressed in only a white laced teddy lingerie and snow boots she said, “Do you like your surprise?”

All other thought fled his mind as her lifted in his arms and carried her in doors. Maybe he was going to enjoy this cabin after all.

❤ The End❤

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