July Goals
My July Goals.


I feel like when I write my plans and goals down, I’m more compelled to follow them.

Let's Do It!

Monthly Goals
Anyhooo, let’s look at my goals for July


★Langauge Learning: I’ve been learning Korean, I study everyday 30min- 1hr a day as well as using new vocabulary in sentences★

Writing and Pleasure Reading

★Writing Reads: None (beside blogpost). I want to concentrate on blogging and writing this month. Writing only this month. ★
★ Pleasure Reads: I can never say no to this so…again, 2 (and only 2) romance books ★

For Novel Writing

★Write: I’m more productive when I focus on a weekly quota (excluding Sunday). 6000 weekly (1000 daily) ★
★ Write new  “Drama Romance Story” ★
★Work on Paranormal Romance★

Novel Editing/Revising

★Finish editing and create publishing schedule plan (Set publishing date, hire editor, book covers, beta readers) for Paranormal Romance ★


★ Comment on 1-2 blogs a day ★
★Write a short blog post every day in July (except Sunday) ★
★ Create Graphics for each blog post ★

Flower Divider? As always, thanks for reading! ?

What's Coming Next
Monday, July 3, “Paranormal Romance” 

Let's Chat
What are some of your goals for this month?

☕ Anything you’re looking forward to reading?

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