Dream, Read, Write

This is Pretty much my motto this week. I’ve been preparing for back to school (Today’s the first day!) While most were dreading Monday I was looking forward to it. (I work towards the end of the week and weekends so ...


Hey my wonderful lovely peoples! So yeah…this is a big sorry to everyone who subscribes to my blog for the odd posts that came though your emails. I was tinkering behind the scenes on my WordPress blog and… I accidentally posted the ...

Get To Know Me Uncomfortably Well

11 questions about what’s in my disturbed mind and about my crazy personality. Warning: Explicit opinions and scorching info ahead. You’ve been warned! I ran across this list online (I’ll link to it at the bottom of the post) and thought it would ...

August Goals #Writers #Goals

My August Goals and what I’ve completed (or not) in July.   A new month and a fresh start is always a good time to be excited!   Anyhooo, let’s look at my goals for August. Writing and Pleasure Reading ★Writing Reads: None. This month I want ...

30 Things That Make Me Happy

Oh The lovely Things That Make Me Happy These past few weeks I’ve been trying to surround myself with people, places and things that make me happy. I wrote a list of the top stuff that bring me back to my happy ...

Weekly Reads #TBRList

Welcome Lovers of Books, To My Weekly Reads! A list of two books I’ll be reading this week or what I’m looking forward to reading. Warning: Explicit opinions and scorching info ahead. You’ve been warned! Waiting to read: “On The Prowl” By Cynthia Eden  Out: 9/13/2016 I’ve already pre-ordered ...

Hello, Monday #MondayMotivation

Hello, Monday! So uh…Yeah, finding time to write and post is a lot harder than I thought it would be. So today I’m trying to give myself some Monday Motivation. I used all of Sunday—okay, some of Sunday—to plan rough drafts ...

Weekly Romance Reads #AmReading #TBR

Welcome, Lovers of Books To My Weekly Romance Reads! Warning: Explicit opinions and scorching info ahead. You’ve been warned! Reading is my way to exhale. Spent my down time going through the books on my tablet. I devour books, mostly in the romance genre. Read: “Sweet Ruin” ...

“A rumble…” #Poetry #SaySomething

Poetry:   ❤️ “A Rumble…” ❤️   There’s a rumble in the air…Can you hear it? It’s loud, vibrating the walls of a foundation demanding to be rebuilt. There’s a rumble in the air…Can you see it? Beautiful, bright, flashes of lightening painting vivid hues in the sky. There’s ...

Blog Graphics And Fonts #Blogging #Writers

Behind The Scenes Blog Resource Post. I’ve gotten a lot of emails with questions and compliments about my blog images and I wanted to answer a of those today. First, I’d like everyone to know that I use softwares like: Photoshop, InDesign, ...

About Sasha Knight

Sasha Knight is a weaver of amazing love stories. She lives in fantastic, supernatural worlds filled with bad boys who do things oh-so-good and vixens who love to drive them wild...

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I'm a mother, a writer, a tease and I have an unhealthy obsession with 📚. I love supernatural worlds filled with Bad Boys & Vixens.👄
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Secrets: Volume 21