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Hello Everyone, hope all is well.

I’ve been trying to think of new way to get my self back in the groove of things after talking a break from writing (online at least). So I’ve been searching online for different writing prompts to get my creative flow going and I ran into a lot of really good ones.

So on top of sharing my writing progress and editing, I’ll be entertaining you with my short fiction.

All writing prompts are either my own (I’ll let you know at the end of each post) or from Bryn Donovan, or from Eva Deverell if any of my “writer” readers want to join in.

How it’s gonna work! 

You Ready?
Everyday in July (excluding Sundays) I’ll be writing a short romance flash fiction. YAYYYYY!

You don’t have to sign up to read, it’s free for your entertainment. I’m hoping you’ll join me on this mini adventure.

Some storylines to expect…


Unrequited love

Tortured hero(ine)









Opposites attract

Mistaken identity

Mail-order bride

Forbidden love

Friends to lovers


Enemies to lovers





Alpha hero

I got these off the long list on Author Mindy Klasky’s site, incase you were looking for a list of romance tropes. She even listed the definitions for each one (although most are self explanatory).  She’s Amazing!

? As always, thanks for reading! ?

What's Coming Next
Saturday, July 1, 1st Short Romance Fiction in JulyJuly Goals & Plans” 

Let's Chat
What are you working on for the summer?

☕ Any good Romance Book Recommendations?

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