Goals And Plans By Sasha Knight

2018, January Plans

New Year, Determined Goals! What I’ll be doing in January: ★First: Set release day for finished novella★ Everything below will be set and done after release date: ★Send out manuscript to Developmental Editor 2 months prior  to release.★Done. ★Have Book Cover finalized. I want it ...


5 Guidelines to Fiction Writing

5 Guidelines to Fiction Writing I live By Right Now 1. Read Your Writing Aloud. After you’re done writing, read it out loud. You’ll be able to truly see if what your writing is believable. You’ll also be able to tell ...


Writer Rules To Live By

Fiction Writer Rules to Live By These are “Fiction Writer Rules to Live By” that I’ve learnt from various books that I read. Read. (Read as much as you can both the good stuff and the bad and learn what made ...


#AmReading The Encyclopedia Of Magical Creatures

The Encyclopedia Of Magical Creatures   If you’ve been looking for ideas for your paranormal novel then here’s a good start. I purchased this book a few years back from Barnes & Noble and wanted to tell everyone about. I have used ...


Creating Fictional Characters

Creating Fictional Characters Tips and Questions to ask yourself. When creating your fictional characters you have to ask yourself several questions: Who are your characters? What do they want and why they want it? What are their likes and fears? As ...


Benefits Of Scheduling Your Writing Time.

Benefits Of Scheduling Your Writing Time.       As a writer I always wondered whether I should schedule in my time or just fit writing in whenever I can. I guess that in order to be efficient, I need ...