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And now for the main course.

❤ The Commute ❤

Breath in. Breath out. Breath in…I chanted to myself as I glared at the clock that, Just. Wouldn’t. Move. I was already late leaving because I had to wait for my computer to back up my work. Freaking technology.

It was bad enough she couldn’t concentrate all day because of one damn man.

Alec Hunter.

He’d starred in almost every freaking day dream I had. Even today, when he was casually dressed, he was still stylish and sexy as hell.

We worked in the same building on completely different floors. I worked in marketing and he was head of security. That didn’t stop very graphic fantasies from popping into my head.

I shut down my computer seconds after it alerted me that it was done. I checked the clock once more, it was 7:00pm. I literally had fifteen minutes to get out of the building and in front of the train that would be leaving at 7:15.

Impossible? Sure, but I’m a determined gal.

I alway rode the L train along with Alec or maybe I should say I always made sure I was on the same train as him. Even though it let me off blocks away from where I lived. We usually walked out together but he’d probably already left. Damn that fucking computer.

I made it outside the building with my sneakers already on my feet and took off full sprint. The cool night air sending chills through me. I’ll make it. I’ll make it. 

You see, today was the day was going to ask him out. Yes, it had to be today! I wrote it in my planner for freaks sake. I had a plan, which I titled, Plan A. Very original, I know.

My small back pack bounced heavily against my body as I picked up speed. I made it through two cross walks alive, then awkwardly power walked down a descent of stairs. I slid through the trains doors just in time to hear the loud speaker announcing the train was ready to leave.

I looked around as I took gasping breath and realized that most of the train carts were basically empty besides a hand full of people. Well at least I’ll get a seat. I searched the faces and just when I was about to decide which direction to head through to look for Alec, I spotted him.

He sat back, his black leather jacket draped against his forearm and appeared to be glued to his phone but I knew better. His attention was all around him. He could probably recite a description of every person in here from memory.

My lungs were still burning when I still sat next to him. I purposely nudged his shoulder as I took off my back pack and dug around for a drink.

“Hey Hunter.” I said, still out of breath.

He looked at me and smiled, “Ran all the way here, did you?”

“Are you stalking me?”

He smirked but didn’t reply.

The only thing I had was a warm can of soda that I kept from lunch earlier. When I freaking need water…unbelievable. What the hell, it will have to do. I cracked the can it open and squealed as it begun to spray everywhere. I did the only thing an insane person would do…I slammed my eyes closed and pointed it away from myself.

When I heard the last of it fizzle out I cracked an eye open and looked around. I couldn’t help my loud groan as I caught site of Alec. His hair, face and entire front of  his shirt was covered in dark cola.

“Oh my….I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” I pulled out some paper towel from my bag and started to dry him off.

I was afraid to touch his face so I started with his shirt he stalled my hand and took the paper from me. He didn’t let go of my hand as wiped his face off. Even though his face was stoic amusement was clear in his eyes.

“You said you wanted to talk to me about something. Was attacking me with soda included or was this a bonus?”

He leaned over, his handsome face mere inches from mine and reached into his bag and pulled out a bottle of water and placed it in my hand that he still clutched. “Let’s go out tomorrow night?”

“W-what? Wait. Huh?” No dammit that was my line. 

“I’m asking you out, Stacy. I figure you can’t say no since I was just attacked by you. I’m the victim here, you should want to make me whole.”

“Did you do this on purpose? Just to ask me first?”

He brought his hand to his wet shirt covering his chest, “Me?”

Son of a—“You knew, didn’t you?”

He hesitated a second before he answered, “I read it when you dropped you planner a week ago.”

I turned away from him and tore the bottle cap off and took a gulp. Unbelievable. I dropped that planner for less then a second on the train last week.

He tilted his head at me, “Is that a yes?”

I took a deep breath…Who cares how I got to Plan A? I turned and stared into his deep hazel-green eyes, “Yes.”

He let out a breath and relaxed deeper into the seat. “Great, but definitely no soda for you.”


❤ The End❤

 ❤ As always, thanks for reading! 

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