Hello Everyone!

So, while working on some “behind the scenes” stuff on my site. I…well, I broke it. The front end (what you guys see) pretty much stayed the same but I couldn’t access, edit, or post anything for over a week. I didn’t know how to fix it. I finally was able to get access back on Friday.

Thank goodness I keep pretty good backups because I had to delete and reload everything from scratch. Although that was a pain, I believe I got everything back up and running. Except for a few missing images in most of the posts, everything should look the same. I’m re-adding the images little by little.

Anyhoo, I’ll be back to posting my romance writing prompts starting tomorrow Monday, July 10.

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What's Coming Next
❤️ Recap
, “July Goals & Plans”

❤️ Monday, July 10, “Short Paranormal Romance” 

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