Vixen, A Short Femme Fatale Romance Romance

Vixen, a Femme Fatale Romance By Sasha Knight

Vixen, A Short Femme Fatale Romance Fiction

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Flash Fiction, Femme Fatale, Free Short Read

☆ Note: Story contains adult content, language, and sexual situations. You’ve been warned! ☆

And now for the main course.

❤ Vixen ❤

His cock stood at attention every time Delilah “Vixen” Mitchell was near.

Down boy, he muttered to himself as he stared at her approach. It was four in the morning and the last of his workers were being escorted out as his security locked up.

Vixen wore a short top that didn’t cover any of her midriff. Her toned stomach almost had him begging to touch her. Leather pants molded to her legs like they were painted on and when she turned—oh fuckthat ass of hers could make a man do some dangerous things. And the way she swayed her hips in her ridiculously long red heels he knew she was here to make him do some bad things.

“You’re staring again, Brent.”

Brent grit his teeth, his molars grating painfully against each other. So what? When she was around he was always staring. But right now her voice both irritated and aroused him. They’d only been dating a few weeks before she gone completely cold on him.

“What do you want?” his said through clenched teeth.

She pushed out her plump bottom lip. “Aww, don’t be like that. I know you’ll be happy to know that tonight I’m here for you.”

He froze, his whole body jerking to a stand still. “Don’t fuck with me.”

Something flared in her gaze. A look he’d seen before. Excitement. She loved taunting his inner beast, loved seeing him out of control. After the day he’d had, he wasn’t in the mood to be fucking teased.

He moved quickly around the bar and he enjoyed her little gasp when he reached her. “You’re playing a dangerous game, Vixen.”

“I—I’m not playing.”

He titled his head, trying to read her better. Vixen had never appeared unsure. To hear her falter was surprising. He pressed against her hip, wanting her to feel what she did to him. Wanting her to feel how hard he was.

Usually, she’d push him away with some kind of flirty remark but now she leaned into him. She ran her palm along his chest as she showed him that sexy smile of hers. Her lips were painted red, making him think of sweet strawberries.

“What’s changed?” he asked, wondering what she was doing here.

She pulled away from him but he wrapped his arm around her waist before she could take a step. He wanted to know what was different from a week ago when she didn’t even want him to touch her. And he wanted her to tell him while she was clinging to him now.

She took a deep breath before she spoke. “I…last week I thought you were with Jennifer.”

After a second, he burst out laughing. “Are you fucking serious? Jennifer is my brother’s girl. He’d kill me if I did want her but I don’t.”

“Yes, well—“

“You fucking gave me blue balls this past week because you were jealous? Unbelievable, Vixen.”

She tried to pull away again but he sat down on a nearby chair and brought her down on his lap. Her leather pants pulled low against her ass, giving him a tantalizing view.

Insecurity shined bright on her face and he never wanted to see that look on her face. “Delilah, look at me.”

Her cognac-colored gaze focused on his. “I want to be with you. I don’t know where my little vixen went this week but you have to know that no can ever compare to you. No one else can bring me to me my knees like you.”

She bit into her bottom lip then readjusted until she was straddling him. She moved her hips oh so sweetly. His spine tingled as she continued to ride him. Her heat rubbed over his hard length. His head lolled back and she tangled her fingers into his hair and pulled him up for a kiss that had his toes curling within his steel toe boots.

She reached between them, grasped his cock covered jeans and gave him a squeeze.

“So hard and so thick. And all for me.” She licked her red lips that were now slightly smudged. “Why don’t you take me to bed, big guy.”

“Fuck yes.” He groaned as he lifted her and stood. “There’s my little Vixen.”

❤ End ❤

Hope you liked it.

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Hope you liked it.

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