Warlord, Paranormal Romance Flash Fiction

The Warlord By Sasha KnightWarlord, Romance Flash Fiction

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Flash-Fiction

Synopsis: Lexi has waited too long but Xavier wanted to take things slow.

☆ Note: Story will contain adult content and sexual situations. You’ve been warned! ☆

And now for the main course.

❤ Warlord ❤

Lexi swore the earth shook with each step Xavier took, but it could have been all in her head. He was massive at six-foot-five and with muscles that rippled as walked yet he was her perfect man.

A Vampire Warlord who’d shown her a side of himself that no other had ever seen. He stuck with her through her struggle, through her pain, through her fear.

A Vampire Warlord that was now teasing the hell out of her.

He stopped in front of her and slowly pulled off his shirt. He went to his knees in front of her and smiled, sharp fangs pushed between his lips. Her hand trembled as she stabbed at the food on her plate, loading her fork and shoving it into her mouth. She really did try to ignore him.

Self-conscious, she ran her hand through her short pixie-styled hair. It was growing in nicely since the chemo had taken it. Still, she hoped he liked the way it was cut which was ridiculous because he seen her when she’d been completely bald.

She took another bite, the fork clanking against her teeth as he ran his tongue across her nipple. Her body trembled as his lips closed over the pointed tip. He pulled back and closed his eyes as he licked his lips.

With a hooded gaze, he looked at her and said. “One more bite and…”

Xavier pushed her thighs apart, his gaze stroking over her lace covered core. “And we can finally have desert.”

The doctor had finally cleared her and he was still being careful with her but dammit she’d waited so long.

She shoved another packed fork into her mouth and pushed her plate out of the way. She never wanted anything more than him at that moment.

Lexi had been fighting so much this past year and now she wanted to collect on what she’d fought for.

“I don’t want desert.” Her voice breathy, almost a whisper as she stood over him.

He arched a thick eyebrow at her. “Really? Well, what do you want?”

He stood, his frame making her seem so small. She reached for his waistband and pulled his thick length free. He took a sharp intake of air and his gaze seared into hers. His body actually trembled under her touch that for a moment she was surprised.

Seems like the powerful vampire warlord wanted this as much as she did. She smiled at him and said, “I’m ready for another main course.”

❤ End ❤

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