Yearning, A Short Bad Boy Romance Flash Fiction

Bad Boy Romance, Yearning By Romance Writer Sasha Knight

Yearning, A Short Bad Boy Romance Flash Fiction

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Bad Boy Romance


yearn·ing Pronounce: ˈyərniNG (noun)

1. a feeling of intense longing for something.

☆ Note: Story will contain adult language and content. You’ve been warned! ☆

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❤ Yearning, A Short Contemporary Romance Fiction ❤

She stood outside my door. Beauty personified. Sex in heels. And I never wanted anything more. Just one glance in her direction had my mind filling with deliciously dirty thoughts.

I cleared my throat and she turned toward me, giving me a stunning smile. She looked so carefree, so pure. She lightened my heart every time she was around. The exact opposite of what I was. I wasn’t nicknamed “The Beast” for nothing. But I couldn’t drag her into my world.

Her smile quickly faded when she notice the black eye I had.

“What the hell, Vic. What happened?” Her delicate little hand cupped my cheek and dammit if didn’t lean into her touch before I corrected myself.

“It’s nothing,” I said while shrugging her hand off me. I felt the loss deep within me. “What are you doing here?”

“Well…” her voice sounded unsure. “I wanted to see if you wanted to go out tonight.”

“No.” I responded then walked around her. “My answer is always no.”

I stopped in front of my door but didn’t open it. I wasn’t comfortable with her in my apartment. She made me…weak. “Why did you think this time would be different?”

“Why won’t you give us a chance?”

I took a step back and turned back around to face her. Her question throwing me. How could she ask me that? She fucking knew why!

“Did you forget who your father is?” A man with who with just a phone call could bring the end to a family. “There’s no future with us?”

At least not one that ended well.

I sucked in a breath of air when she moved closer, invading my space. I inhaled her fresh scent and damn if it didn’t harden my cock. She placed her hand on my chest right over my heart. I was sure she could feel the pounding that was blaring in my ears.

“Please…give this a chance.” She stared deeply into my eyes. I could see the yearning there. She wanted me as much as I wanted her. “Were both fighters. So why am I the only one of doing the fighting?”

I melted into her gaze, my breath stopped. Like a tight band snapping, I leaned forward. Slowly pressing my lips to hers. She moaned, arching into me.

When I pulled back she was staring at me with hope in her gaze. A Hope that one day I’d have to crush but right now, at this moment, I gave in. I opened my apartment door and my legs shook as she followed me inside.

❤ End ❤


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